Friends of the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Come and join a group, make up your own with friends, or work on your own.


Rose Deadheaders

A great group of volunteers who spend every Wednesday morning deadheading the roses. In winter they maintain other gardens.


The Z-Team

Self-named because they are no longer the A-team, this group of men do small construction jobs and maintenance around the place on Tuesdays.


The Nature Trailers

Also active on Tuesdays, these lovers of native plants maintain and develop the Nature Trail, Salt tolerant Stroll and Rare and Threatened Bed. A very talented group with a lot of plant knowledge.


Catering Team

If you are hungry, this is the group to call! They make delicious food for groups who book in for an event at the Botanic gardens. Here Mildura Specialist School students are “helping out” in the kitchen.



Would you be our Friend?


The Friends of the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens are the life blood of our organization. They work in the gardens, the café and doing important jobs around the place. There is a job to suit everyone. If you would like to become a Friend fill out the form below or contact Jenny at 5023 3612.

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