Projects at the Botanic Gardens

Things are always happening at the AIBG. Some of our current projects are:


 Children’s Garden

In order to make the AIBG a better place for young families we are currently constructing a children’s garden with the help of the Lions Club of Buronga, Gol Gol and Districts. Any donations to this project would be gratefully accepted. A conifer garden bed has been chosen for its atmosphere.


Cultural Heritage Garden

It has long been an aim of the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens to showcase plants of cultural significance to the area. The students of the Mildura Specialist School have been constructing sections of this garden.


 While there is still plenty more to do we are excited with the progress so far.



Rose Garden Upgrade

The Rose garden was in need of some work, plants had grown through the irrigation, cutting off the water supply. Some roses had gone to heaven , and others needed serious feeding. The gardeners have been replacing the old irrigation with new in line dripline. The dead roses have been replaced , the weeds removed , and new mulch has been applied.

This is our new trainee Warren, adding some of the mulch we get from our neighbours ,

 Buronga Hill Winery.